3 Questions to Ask a Professional Landscaping Company

When the times comes to transform the front or backyard, there are a lot of things to consider. Hiring a professional means knowing that the job will be done right, by someone that has experience working with homeowners and their outdoor space. While a homeowners may have big plans for the yard, there are several questions that should be asked when meeting with Landscaping Contractors in Durham CT that are coming in to provide an estimate.

What Plants are Going to Be Used in the Space?

Looking out into a lush backyard is great, but it’s important to know exactly what items are going to be featured in the space. Sometimes there are plants that may be a problem for those will allergies. Others times there could be plants that don’t interact well with pets or small children. Knowing what plants are going to be in the area will allow a homeowner to do a little extra research and determine if these are going to be the best choice.

How Much Water will the Area Require?

Most homeowners budget for the cost of professional landscaping. But they may not consider the additional cost of keeping the yard looking great. Watering plants on a regular basis could affect the water bill. This is especially true if large amounts of grass are going to be added. While it’s impossible to figure out exactly how much water is going to be used, a landscaper can often offer a ballpark figure that can help with budgeting for water consumption. To know more, click here.

How Much Maintenance Will the Space Need?

Once the landscaper leaves, a homeowner is left with a beautiful area to enjoy. But how long is that going to last? With the right water and sunlight, how long will the plants be okay before something needs to be done? It’s important to find out if it is possible to take care of the yard without the help of a professional. At the same time, asking about the cost of regular upkeep by a professional can also be beneficial. Imagine always having a beautiful yard that doesn’t require the owner to worry about things like weeds or flowers dying out.

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