3 Reasons To Study MBBS Overseas

For any students in India that are completing 10+2 and planning to pursue a career in medicine, attending a five-year program of MBBS within the country is often considered to be the only option to consider.

However, for many students, the choice to study MBBS overseas, particularly in the United States, offers many different advantages and possibilities. Of course, it will be important to work closely with an advisory or counseling service to assist in all the complexities of not only completing an application for a university abroad but in understanding which is the best school for your future goals.

When making a choice to study MBBS overseas, there are at least three factors that typically play into the decision.

Options for Locations

While medical school is a very demanding academic program, with the option to study MBBS overseas in luxurious locations such as St. Lucia in the Caribbean, students also have the opportunity to see more of the world and to learn about different cultures and customs.

Keep in mind, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has to approve all training locations, and not all schools within an international country may be approved.

Specialized Departments and Faculty

India is home to many top hospitals, including research hospitals, as well as world renown doctors and specialists in each field of medicine. For some students, the ability to train outside of the country provides access to world-class faculty that is not found at medical schools within the country.

Quality Education with International Appeal

Having the ability or the option to attend a medical school outside of India has its advantages only if it is an equivalent education to what you would receive if the MBBS is completed at a national university.

Taking the time to ensure any overseas medical school is equivalent to the education and experience needed to work as a doctor when you return home is always an important choice in an international program of study. Click Here for more information.

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