Benefits of using automatic telescopic door

Automatic telescopic doors are usually used when space is exceptional or where the space is tight but the opening required is to the maximum. This type of door is available in two types known as divided single direction door or bi-parting doors in four parts. An automatic telescopic door has more benefits in comparison to the straight sliding doors system. The most advantageous feature of such a door is that it maximizes the foot flow and ensures that there is no congestion in the passageways.

By applying an exclusive telescopic door, you can use an innovative design that can improve the inferior deferred track systems. The three most important benefits of using this type of door system is:

1. Various style options: one of the biggest advantages of using such kind of door is that it comes in various types of styles, colors, shapes, designs and finishes. This not only gives your commercial and residential building types a sophisticated and eloquent look but also maintains its status as well. When you apply such kind of doors, one thing that you can be sure about is that you don’t have to sacrifice its form of function. They are user friendly, are suitable for various building types and is made of sturdy, tough and durable materials like aluminum, fiberglass, steel and timber.

2. Can be used conveniently: this type of door does not require any human force or effort to carry on the operation. It saves you from the hassle of aggravations and struggle, in comparison to the heavier manual doors. As this kind of doors don’t require the use of hands, they are best for handicapped, elderly people and children.

3. Security and safety: if the system is installed properly, these kind of doors are highly reliable, environmental friendly and completely safe. It is best for secure areas that allow access control in electrical and mechanical securing systems. You don’t have to use additional locking system to keep out burglars and thieves. This type of doors also has low running costs.
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