Benefits Offered by Keyless Entry Systems

In many cases, people associate keyless entry systems with hotels. However, more and more businesses in other industries are beginning to see the value in keyless entry systems. This technology is extremely beneficial and offers you several features and options that simply aren’t available with traditional key and locks. If you are interested in using a keyless entry system in Louisville, KY, consider the specific benefits it offers.


For most people, convenience is the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the term “keyless entry.” But it’s more than just easy access to a building. Electronic door locks and keypads are straight-forward to have installed, and you can easily retrofit most mechanical doors without much disruption. Once you have it set up, you never have to reinstall locks when you have turnover.

Improved Access Control

If you are dealing with applications or businesses that are more security-sensitive, or that has a high employee turnover rate, it is a good idea to install an access control system that meets the needs of the building and users. A keyless entry system in Louisville, KY can be extremely beneficial in these situations. After all, mechanical keys can be copied, stolen or lost, but passwords will help protect from this risk. You can also run reports to see when various users access different parts of your facility or you can limit access to certain areas after hours.

If you are searching for an innovative solution to help increase your building’s security and management, then consider a keyless entry system in Louisville, KY. These are becoming more and more prevalent and popular – you can find these items regardless of your budget.

There is no reason to compromise your security or well-being when options such as these are available. If you need more information, contact the professionals.

Resource Box: More information about keyless entry can be found by visiting the Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security website.

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