Do You Need Transfer Case Service in Wilkes Barre, PA?

When your engine turns, it delivers power to the transmission. The transmission then turns gears and delivers that power to your wheels. That’s how you can engage and disengage your engine when you are shifting gears; in an automatic transmission, your car does this work for you. In a four-wheel drive vehicle or an all-wheel-drive vehicle, there is another step in the process. Your transfer case is another, the simpler transmission that redirects the power to all four wheels. For most trucks, the power goes from the engine to the transmission to the rear wheels. When the transfer case is engaged, it also goes to the front wheels. You might need transfer case service if it is not working properly.

Oil in the Case

A transfer case is much like a transmission; it is made up of many gears that are very tightly calibrated. If they’re not properly lubricated and arranged, they won’t move properly. This will lead to grinding, skipping, and missed gears, which could completely destroy the proper functioning of your transfer case. You can avoid this by keeping your transfer case well lubricated. You should first take your vehicle to a specialist in transfer case service in Wilkes Barre, PA.

You can find those specialists at a place such as T & F Tire Service & Supply Company, Inc. They employ transfer case experts who will make sure you have clean transmission fluid.

Fluid Flush

If your case is not properly lubricated with clean transmission fluid, you might need a flush. A flush is a common transfer case service. The professionals will drain your transmission and transfer case of all fluid. They’ll then refill them with new, clean transmission fluid. In some cases, they might do this process a few more times to make sure that the case and the transmission have been adequately cleaned.

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