Experts Talk About Granite Fabrication; What Is It?

The incredibly brilliant granite countertop that sits in your bathroom or kitchen is vastly different from the granite slab removed from the ground. In between granite fabricators and installers in Maple Grove have transformed your choice of granite slab into a beautifully polished countertop. How do they achieve that?

From Slab to Polished Countertop

For the process that turns natural stone into a polished countertop, it is called fabrication and is completed by granite fabricators and installers in Maple Grove.

You may select your favorite choice of Granite countertop from original slabs when you are taken around the showroom of a granite fabricator and installer in Maple Grove. Alternately, they may show you a range of granite countertops that have already been prepared and are ready to be cut and installed into your property.

Because the fabricator is an expert and experienced at their work, they can help you choose the material that is best suited for the project to update or build a new kitchen or bathroom into your property.

They will help you choose the type of stone that you require, complete with the amount of shading and color and the volume of veins to meet your design requirements.

The process of fabrication includes inspecting the natural stone for any flaws. This will include looking for blemishes, any seams and perhaps, although rare, scratches on the surface.

Fabricators vary, but most will cut the stone to within 1/16 of an inch of its final thickness. This provides them with the time and space to complete any edging and any scribing which will shape the stone.

They polish the surface so that it becomes a smooth stone that is washed and dried and finished with a base coat of sealer so that the stone is ready to be installed in your home.

Talk to the experts to achieve the best decision for granite finish to your kitchen or bathroom.

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