How Does Lawn Spraying Work

Lawn spraying will provide nutrients to your lawn, this feeds it. It containers a latex based sticker, which helps keep it in place so it can do its job. Regular mowing is recommended so the cut leaf can fall back onto the lawn feeding it. The faster the lawn grows, the more plant food it will get.

The spray coats and bonds to your lawn, this allows the blade to be enriched with nutrients needed to grow. The mixture is a small amount of fertilizer with mostly water and less than 1 percent pesticide. With about ninety-five percent water in the spray, your lawn gets water placed evenly across the yard. Though small amounts of insecticides and fertilizer are needed to grow grass, it needs mostly water.

The insecticides help because they impact the insects promptly. Every time the lawn is mowed the insecticides further help. Eventually, as each blade of grass turns into compost, it becomes nutritious for the grass.

Most people are concerned that rain will wash everything away, this is not the case. The spray clings onto each blade of grass. Take a look at your lawn after it has rained and you will notice it is greener in color.

There are many different fertilizers available, including organic and chemical ones. If you have questions about lawn spraying in Oklahoma City, you will want a professional’s opinion. Which one will work best for your lawn?

Another question you may have is how much fertilizer to use. If too much is used, it can kill your grass, you run the risk of burning it out. There is also dry fertilizer available. One or the other may suit you better for a number of different reasons. Though dry fertilizer is cheaper, you run the risk of it washing away. With lawn spray, or liquid fertilizer, you don’t.

For help with all these questions visit our website here. We are experienced in lawn spraying in Oklahoma City and want to help you make the best decision. If you want a beautiful, thick, green lawn to enjoy the whole summer, Elite Lawn Care can help!

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