How Much Does Terrazzo Flooring Cost?

Terrazzo is one of the most elegant flooring options and has long been associated with luxury. While terrazzo is not the cheapest flooring option, it is one of the most attractive and there is a great variety and range of terrazzo with the opportunity to choose the right flooring for every budget.

  1. Designer versus Retail? The cost of terrazzo flooring will vary depending on whether you are purchasing the flooring yourself or using an interior designer. An interior designer often has access to better pricing, which is why most people who are considering terrazzo flooring will go through a designer. Even if you are doing the job yourself, you can save money by using reputable sources for terrazzo like Trend, which manufactures eco-friendly terrazzo flooring that also happens to be superb value.
  2. Size of the space. Obviously the terrazzo flooring is priced by square foot. When you are planning to use terrazzo in an interior space and want to save money, you can consider design options that let you integrate terrazzo with other flooring. You could, for example, use terrazzo only in certain rooms or smaller spaces like bathrooms. Just a little terrazzo can make a huge difference with the overall aesthetic of the home.
  3. Type of the terrazzo. There are many different types of terrazzo. A company like Trend offers different product lines, each of which is priced slightly differently. The price depends on the materials that went into the original manufacture, with the bulk of all Trend materials coming from post-consumer porcelain and glass. For people building green homes, terrazzo is one of the best options for blending aesthetics with ethics.
  4. Cheaper than you think. Terrazzo has long been linked with Italian palazzi, but that does not mean that you need a Medici sized budget to afford terrazzo. In fact, terrazzo is often cheaper than other types of flooring and is easier and cheaper to maintain, too.
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