Prevent Sewage Backing Up With Expert Septic Tank Repairs

Sewage problems are never an issue for many of the people that own a home unless a blockage develops in the pipes. However, property owners that live in rural areas may not have that luxury because they cannot connect to a municipal treatment system and must make use of a septic tank. Normally, this is not a problem because septic systems are fairly reliable, but these systems need to be maintained or problems will eventually occur. For instance, a tank that fills up completely can block the inlet or outlet pipes and force the need for Septic Tank Repairs. This problem can actually get fairly involved because solid waste is often difficult to eliminate, especially if it has moved deep into the field or leach lines.

There are two basic types of septic tanks. The original version is known as an anaerobic system because it uses only bacteria and enzymes to purify the waste water (effluent) before it is percolated through the soil. This may not sound that effective, but it has worked surprisingly well for over 100 years. The other type of septic system is an aerobic unit and this method of waste management is a bit more complex. However, aerobic systems are useful because they provide cleaner water, which has become a necessity in those rural areas with large populations. Unfortunately, the complexity of these systems change the kinds of Septic Tank Repairs that they require. For example, an aerobic system might burn out the motor that introduces oxygen into the effluent.

Fixing a damaged septic system can actually get pretty complicated depending on the age of the system and the number of leach lines it uses. Most old systems will need to be replaced so they meet with state regulations. If the tank has been in place for decades, then this may also force the contractor to have a percolation test performed. This test determines how well the soil can percolate or filter the water back into the local water supply. Replacing the septic tank can quickly turn into an expensive job. Thankfully, regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs can keep that septic system functional for many years. Learn more about septic tank maintenance and repairs by visiting the website at

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