Talk to an Automobile Accidents Lawyer in Lafayette, LA about Personal Injury Recovery

If you live in Louisiana, the state’s Department of Public Safety wants auto owners to clearly understand what to do if they are involved in auto mishaps. This is important information, especially if you need to file a claim that involves the negligence of another driver.

Stay at the Accident Scene

Legally, drivers who are involved in auto accidents in Louisiana must stop as near to the accident site as possible. The state makes it illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Even if the incident does not look serious, you must stop and wait to file a report with the police and exchange information with the other parties in the crash. Anyone who leaves the scene is considered a hit-and-run driver and, in turn, can be incarcerated and fined.

Obtain as Much Information as You Can About the Accident

An automobile accidents lawyer in Lafayette, LA who handles personal injury claims needs detailed findings about the cause and reason for an accident. So, you need to make sure, if you can, that all the information at a scene is recorded. If you are unable to talk to witnesses at the time of the accident, try to locate people who may have seen the crash (such as shop owners) to be sure that all the details are recorded.

What You Need to Supply to a Lawyer

If you talk to an automobile accidents lawyer regarding a personal injury claim, you should be able to provide him or her with the information that was supplied to the police as well as offer statements from witnesses of the crash. All drivers involved in such a mishap should exchange contact details including their vehicle registration numbers.

You may want to seek the legal services of an automobile accidents lawyer as well if you were involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver. He or she may be able to help you obtain compensation for property damage repairs or any outlay of medical costs.

For further information about the PI process, refer to such websites as Obtain a clear understanding of your rights by contacting an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in personal injury litigation.

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