The Benefits of Blanchard Grinding

If you have parts that need preparation or finishing, grinding is one of the best methods you can use. For example, by running a section of iron pipe through a centerless grinder, you can remove all the rust and surface imperfections from the outside diameter. With the right machinery, inside diameters are easily smoothed too. However, you may have very large parts, and that’s where Blanchard grinding services are beneficial. Here are some important reasons to turn to an experienced machine shop offering these services.

What Does Blanchard Mean?

Blanchard is the name of a machine used for rotary surface grinding. It can quickly remove material from workpieces as large as 48 by 84 inches or larger (depending on the machine’s capacity). It’s the perfect solution for large things like vacuum chambers that need tight tolerances. In fact, any large part like huge rotary tables can be rotary surface ground.

Blanchard grinding services use motors with high horsepower, so it’s possible to remove a lot of material at one time. This can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete a large project. By simply flipping the piece over, the other side can be ground to the required tolerances.

More Effective Than Fly Cutting

Some shops use a milling machine to smooth large surfaces. However, this is time-consuming and nowhere near as fast as Blanchard grinding services. The surface grinding removes material from an entire side at one time and is a very effective way to achieve flatness.


When you use rotary surface grinding, you get the same part consistency each time, as long the machine is setup the same. Some machines can give you tolerances as high as .001 of an inch. It’s also possible to machine more than one part at the same time. This saves time and labor costs and gives you greater shop efficiency.

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