Why More Companies Choose To Use Commercial Heating Oil in Suffolk County, NY For Their Heat Source

Heating a large commercial space is not always easy, but the proper equipment will make it as easy and affordable as possible. One of the best ways to make the process simple is to use Commercial Heating Oil Suffolk County NY, as it provides a business owner with a vast array of benefits that are not associated with other heat sources. Before installing an all electric system, be sure to keep reading and see why more companies are choosing to make the switch to oil-based heat for keeping their commercial space comfortable all winter long.

Instant Heat

Electric heaters can take several minutes to warm up thoroughly and will still struggle to produce hot air during operation. Oil heat is hot instantly, which helps make the process more efficient and saves money while reducing waste. Large commercial spaces can be a challenge to heat, but an oil furnace will be able to maintain a set temperature and reduce the formation of drafts.

Warm Air Return

An oil furnace can produce air that can be as much as 40 percent warmer than an electric furnace, which will help eliminate cold temperatures quickly and ensure a space and everyone inside is as comfortable as possible. One of the biggest complaints associated with heat pump systems is that the air never feels warm. The easiest way to overcome this common problem is to rely on oil to provide reliable heat in a moments notice. Click here for more details.

Life Expectancy

A standard furnace has a life expectancy of up to 14 years, but an oil powered furnace boasts an impressive 30-year average life span, which will help prevent the need for future repairs and out-of-pocket expenses. Installing a furnace isn’t cheap, but choosing an oil system will ensure that it is money well spent by acting as a reliable source of heat for many years into the future.

When it comes to heat, few options can provide the same level of reliability and warmth as Commercial Heating Oil Suffolk County NY. For more information on oil based systems or to arrange for delivery of Commercial Heating Oil Suffolk County NY, be sure to contact OK Petroleum. They provide top notch service and customized delivery schedules that will ensure a business owner always has the oil needed to keep a space toasty.

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