2 Types of Procedures for Transgender Men or Transmasculine People in TX

For decades, you may have been thinking about taking proactive steps towards transitioning into the body and face you have always wanted. While doing your research, you have found that there are several types of procedures you would like to undergo but are unsure which procedures to do first. Here are 2 procedures for transgender men or transmasculine people (FTM) that may interest you.

Facial Masculinization

Facial masculinization is a procedure that involves transforming feminine features to a more masculine appearance. It is a surgical manipulation of the soft tissue and bone of the face and can be performed as a single procedure or in multiple stages.

Body Masculinization

Body masculinization, also known as man-sculpting, is another type of surgical procedure that transforms feminine features into masculine features such as shaping the body’s torso into a square-shaped torso. This procedure may also involve liposuction, abdominoplasty, fat grafting, and pectoral implants. Body masculinization can be performed at the same time as top surgery.

The Destination of Choice for the Transgender Community

Perhaps you are now wondering who you should turn to for the best body masculinization and facial masculinization surgery services in Texas. Visit the International Center for Transgender Care. They offer and provide their expert services and can help you transition into the body and face you have always wanted. So, when searching for the professionals that offer body masculinization and facial masculinization surgery services and more, they are the ones you can trust and depend on. Call or visit them at http://thetranscenter.com today.

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