3 Best Reasons To Get CPR-Training Certified

Each year, there are about 1.5 million people or more who suffer from a heart attack, says Public Health Safety. However, 70 percent of Americans don’t have a clue how to do these life-saving compressions. Others seem to have forgotten how to do them properly, says US News.

The numbers are alarming and point out how necessary knowledge can be. Here are a few facts to help you understand CPR training and how important it is:

It buys time
When cardiac arrest happens, one of the immediate results is lack of oxygen to the brain. After 4-6 minutes, that can lead to a lot of health problems, such as brain damage. CPR keeps that from happening by pumping oxygen into the brain. That way, the brain has more time until help arrives.

It’s Easy To Learn
CPR is incredibly easy to learn and remember. If you want to make sure you’ve got it down pat, enroll in a CPR certification online course. That way, you’re sure to get the proper training you need to effectively perform this in the future.

It Saves Lives
Cardiac arrest can happen to any of your friends and family. Since 85 percent of these cases occur at home, that means it’s important that everyone in your family know how to do this. It could spell the difference between saving your loved one and saying goodbye. With the proper knowledge, you’ll know just what to do to act in an emergency if and when it happens.

Don’t leave your loved one’s life to chance. Be prepared for anything in the future, even a heart attack.

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