3 Easy Ways to Pass the Time at a Self-Service Laundry in Spokane, WA

You were lucky enough to get to the self-service laundry in Spokane, WA, just in time to nab enough washers to do all of your laundry at one time. Now that they’re loaded, what will you do with your time? Here are some suggestions on how to keep yourself occupied while the clothing washes, dries, and is eventually ready for folding.

One approach is to read. Bring along a book or your tablet and enjoy reading a mystery, biography, or whatever other subject holds your attention. It’s easy to get lost in a book and find that it’s already time to move your clothing from the washers to the dryers.

Another strategy is to spend some time catching up on your social media. You can check out posts of memes, comments, images, and anything else that your friends or those you follow have shared. This type of light entertainment will definitely allow the time to pass quickly.

There’s also the possibility that others are also using the self-service laundry in Spokane, WA, at the same time. You may recognize some of them from past trips. If so, there’s nothing wrong with seeing if any of them want to chat for a bit. After that you can always go back to your tablet or book, or browse through your social media accounts.

Self-service laundries are a fast and affordable way to ensure the laundry gets done. As long as you use the right measures to pass the time, doing the laundry will be less of a chore and more of an opportunity to enjoy some downtime and maybe a little conversation.

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