3 Quirky Facts About Stainless Steel

How much do you know about stainless steel? It is doubtful there is anyone alive who has not encountered something made from this metal in their lives. It is used in lots of different ways all around us.

This form of steel is an alloy. It means that at least two types of elements are used in its creation. What else do we know about it? Many facts can be unearthed, but some are more unusual than others.

It Can Be Recycled

Most people want to do their bit to help reuse and recycle whatever they can. While we could all name lots of items and substances that could be recycled, how many people would guess stainless steel could be fully recycled? Anything made from this type of metal is also likely to last for many years before the recycling process ever needs to be used.

More Than 150 Different Grades Exist

Not all items made from this steel are identical. Indeed, over 150 types have been created thus far. That said, only a dozen or so are in common usage today, as they have proven themselves to be the best choice for performance and suitability.

It Was Created Over a Century Ago (We Think)

Many sources state the steel was developed in 1911. However, other scientists nearly a century earlier than this were already exploring the idea of creating different alloys. So, while we cannot positively associate the creation of this now-commonplace metal with the likes of those scientists, we can certainly point to the early stages of its creation with them. It would take many more decades before stainless steel as we know it would be created.

Our world would not be the same without this metal alloy. Packed with versatility, we wonder what might happen if we did not have this to fall back on.

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