3 Reasons for Regular Septic Tank Service

A septic tank that is properly installed according to local health department regulations can provide years of efficient service for the treatment and disposal of effluents from households and commercial installations. Effluents include blackwater (waste from toilets) and greywater (waste water from showers, laundry and kitchen sink waste water). These septic systems use a simple and passive way to separate the solid waste from the fluid waste and allow bacterial decomposition to take place. However, regular and timely septic tank service can help to keep a system functioning for years without a hitch and posing no potential damage to the environment.

Septic tanks are built to hold a certain capacity of effluents. When the capacity is exceeded, solid sludge that accumulates at the bottom to decompose can overflow into the soil absorption field causing contamination, sewage backups and smelly pools of sludge in your yard or garden. This is a very undesirable condition as your drinking water supply can be contaminated with coliform bacteria.

Regular septic tank service can prevent such occurrences. When carried out by professionals, septic tank service can be done in 60 minutes. Servicing at intervals can help save money in the long run by avoiding costly replacements and repairs. A normal septic tank is meant to function for 25-30 years and should be ideally serviced every 3 years.

There are numerous reasons why should undertake septic tank service:

1. Economic:

It is more economic to maintain your system than be forced to replace a failed system
Your property can be devalued by a failed system
You could face potential legal action if you have a malfunctioning system on your property
Sewage backups can cause expensive damage and plumbing repairs

2. Health:

Consumption of contaminated water can result in disease and infections
Services can remove dangerous bacteria and virus from your groundwater supply
Contaminated water can increase the likelihood of contracting ear and eye infections, gastrointestinal infections and hepatitis

3. Environmental:

Prevent the pollution of groundwater from leaching of untreated sewage
Prevent the escape of nitrogen and phosphorus from household sources into the environment

If you have moved into a new home and are unaware of the condition of the septic tank system, call in professionals to inspect the entire
system. Timely intervention can prevent costly services later on and ensure that you have a perfectly functioning system. If you suspect your system needs inspection, call in professionals for septic tank service. Cumming residents can call licensed contractors for installation, repairs and services.

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