3 Reasons to Consider Off-Campus Student Housing in Ole Miss

As you make your plans to return to college for the upcoming semester, it may be a good idea to reconsider your living situation. While staying on campus is convenient, there are better alternatives that are equally convenient. Consider the benefits of choosing off-campus student housing in Ole Miss before you make a decision.

Enjoy More Privacy

When you rent student housing, you’ll find that you have more privacy when it really counts. Even if you decide to take on a roommate, you’ll have your own bedroom. You also will be able to use the bathroom without having to share it with several other students. The increased privacy can also help you find a better place to study or work on homework without distractions.

Get More Freedom

You’ll also have far fewer rules and restrictions when you live off-campus. Since you’ll no longer be subjected to a curfew or strict rules for signing into a dorm, you can take advantage of more opportunities. You can work later or take an extra shift without having to worry about disturbing a roommate. You can also stay out later when there’s something interesting to do in town.

Save More Money

Although you’ll pay rent monthly rather than having it included in your tuition, student housing in Ole Miss can still help you save. Primarily, you’ll save on food by shopping for groceries instead of buying fast food. You can also save by using the amenities in the apartment community instead of paying extra for gym membership fees and other subscription services.

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