3 Reasons to Keep Up with Dog Vaccinations in Tucson AZ

Ensuring that your dog has a long, healthy life is as simple as keeping his or her immunizations current. Vaccines are the best preventative against diseases, sickness, and death. Just like humans, dogs require these vaccinations to stay healthy. There are many vital vaccines for our canine companions, each with its own benefit. It is important to remember that it will be nearly impossible for your dog to let you know that something is wrong, so keeping him or her on a regular vaccination schedule is critical.

Immunizations are Allowed to Lapse

Immunizations are only effective for a period of time before they expire and become ineffective. Just like in humans, the vaccinations at the doctor’s office are not a permanent fix to an ailment, just a temporary solution. One of the most common immunizations for a dog is the Bordetella shot. Commonly known as “kennel cough,” this disease affects many dogs that have not been in or around a kennel or grooming salon. Bordetella is transmitted though breathing or sneezing, making it quite common for dogs to pick up. Dog Vaccinations in Tucson AZ are an inexpensive form of insurance that should be given to a dog annually.

Boarding Facilities Require Them

If you ever plan on traveling and need a place for you dog to stay, the first thought would be a “doggy daycare,” also called a boarding facility. These facilities have strict requirements on the vaccinations that dogs must have before being boarded there. This is a safety consideration for all of the other dogs that are staying at the facility.

General Peace of Mind

Isn’t it comforting knowing that your dog is as healthy as possible? Many owners are extremely nervous taking my dog on walks, to the dog park, even to the veterinarian if he did not have all of his shots. Just knowing that a single sneeze from a dog that does not have its Bordetella shot could result in your dog catching kennel cough is enough to make sure he is immunized regularly.

Man’s best friend deserves to be treated like man’s best friend. Regularly immunizing your dogs will allow them to have longer and happier lives. Keep you dogs healthy and happy with Dog Vaccinations in Tucson AZ. Take a moment to visit this website to learn more.

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