3 Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips

As a professional truck driver, your semi-truck experiences its fair share of wear and tear. If nothing else affects the truck, the pulling of heavy loads alone will cause it to age prematurely. Being prepared for the amount of maintenance your vehicle requires is the first step to accepting that it is part of your profession. The trained professionals at Semi Repair Chicago, for example, can make that process easier.

Here are three maintenance tips to consider for your semi-truck.

Oil Changes

The similarities between your everyday vehicle and your semi-truck are more than a few. Like your everyday car, the semi also requires regular oil changes. After every trip you make, you should take a look at the oil. This is especially important after a longer haul. To prevent more expensive work down the road, checking the oil levels and ensuring they are changed as needed is a good start.

Manufacturer Recommended Mileage

As a truck driver, you and your semi-truck are going to accumulate mileage at a much faster rate than the average person. For the sake of your truck’s health, it is important to be mindful of its manufacturer recommended mileage. You know that your everyday vehicle requires check ups at mileage milestones. It is not that different for semis. If you have a warranty, following the manufacturer’s recommendations keeps the truck in good standing. Additionally, the manufacturer, thanks to testing before selling, knows what is best for its fleet at each mileage landmark.

Heavy Usage

After every trip, especially after the longer hauls, it is best to conduct a maintenance check on your semi-truck. This ensures that you can haul your next load with more confidence the truck will endure.

When you require Semi Repair Chicago, the technicians at Wilrae Inc. are at your disposal.

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