3 Signs that You Need to Call a Pest Control Company in Kent County MD

Having pests in your home is not only aggravating, it can also be harmful to your home. Unfortunately, a number of people out there suffer through pest invasions because they missed the signs and red flags telling them they had pests living under their roofs.

In order to avoid the mess, you have to keep your eyes open. Here are three signs you may need to call a Pest Control Company in Kent County MD.

Rat Droppings

No, it’s not bits of chocolate you may have dropped during your guilty midnight snacking. Any droppings found within your home are signs of rats and house mice. The majority like to believe they only have one or two mice living in their home, but that’s the train of thought that lets the invasion happen.

Rodents have an unusually high reproduction rate. In a matter of three months, a family of six can easily become a family of sixty, as rodents reach their sexual maturity within four weeks and breed all year round.

Waking Up With Unexplained Bites

The worst thing is waking up to itchy red marks on your arm, legs, and chest. If these marks appear to a pattern of three in a row and you seem to only itchy in your bed at night, then it is a red flag that you have a bed bug infestation. Because they are so difficult to get rid of, it is better to call a Pest Control Company in Kent County MD to help with the infestation.

Looks Like Water Damage?

It might just be termites. A nightmare for homeowners, termites can quickly be responsible for thousands of dollars in repairs as their talent is eating your home.

If the wood around your household appears swollen, like it’s buckling, blistering or darkening, it’s best to inspect it much more closely. Finding frass piles around your home that have an appearance similar to sawdust is a waste left by termites and is a sign that you should get in contact with a Pest Control Company in Kent County MD. Click Viking Pest Control for more information.

Viking Pest Control offers effective services to combat these nightmarish infestations. Check out their website or call today if you think you’re having an infestation.

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