3 Things You Need to Know About Your Home Roofing Contractor

Your home needs a new roof. That means finding the right residential roofing contractor in Birmingham, AL, to handle the job. What should you know about that contractor before making any commitment? Along with being aware that the contractor has an excellent reputation in the area, you also want to get some specific information. Once you learn these three things, it will be easier to choose wisely.

How Long Has the Contractor Been in Business?

You’re not necessarily asking how long the roofing company has been around, although that will be included. Your real focus is on how long the contractor has been managing new roof installations. Ideally, you want someone who has at least five years of practical experience. That may be partly with the current company and partly with a previous employer.

Licensing and Insurance Protections

You only want to deal with a residential roofing contractor in Birmingham, AL, who is in full compliance with local licensing and insurance requirements. That means having all the credentials to provide services within the local jurisdiction. It also means carrying business liability coverage that protects you, the home, and the contractor in the event any type of accident arises while the new roof installation is underway.

Guarantees and Warranties Matter

Always confirm the warranties that are available from the manufacturer, but don’t stop there. Look into what sort of guarantee the residential roofing contractor from Birmingham, AL, provides. You want to know that if a problem develops a year from now and it has to do with the installation, the contractor will make it right.

Remember that the plan is for that roof to last for decades. With help from the right contractor, you can rest assured the job is done properly and only the best materials are used. The result will be a roof that holds up well, makes it easier to heat and cool the home, and looks great for a long time.

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