3 Times You’ll Want to Call for Tree Service in Cambridge

Homeowners who want their yard to look beautiful will spend a lot of time on the grass, flowerbeds, and hardscaping, but they might miss some of the signs that their trees need attention. It is important to call for tree service in Cambridge as soon as any potential issues are noticed. Homeowners who notice any of the following signs might want to reach out to a landscape company to ensure their trees are growing properly and to get any issues sorted out quickly.

Pay Attention to Anything on the Tree that Looks Unusual

Anything unusual should be checked out quickly. If there seems to be damage to the trunk, discoloration on the leaves that is spreading, or anything else that looks different and doesn’t look healthy, a landscaping company should take a look. They can determine if there is a concern with the tree and deal with diseases or pests so the problem is corrected before the damage is irreversible.

Trees are Losing Leaves or Branches During Spring or Summer

Trees may lose some leaves or branches during the spring or summer, but they shouldn’t lose a lot. If it looks like the tree is not doing well because of too many dead leaves, it’s a good idea to have it checked out. A landscaping company can determine if the tree is dying and needs to be removed or if there is something wrong with parts of the tree that can be dealt with to save the rest of the tree.

Trees are Starting to Lean

If a young tree is starting to lean, it may be possible to prop it up correctly and get it to grow without issues. If an older tree is starting to lean, no matter the reason, it might be a good idea to have it inspected. Some trees will be fine even if they’re leaning, but it could be a sign of issues with the roots or the ground around the tree. It’s always better to have it checked and ensure the tree won’t fall.

If you notice any issues with the trees in your yard, call for tree service in Cambridge right away so any potential issues can be fixed quickly. Take a look at the website for Cambridge Landscape to learn more about their tree services and other yard services you might need.

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