3 Types of Employee Benefits

When you are an employer, you have many responsibilities. Your goal is probably to earn a profit so the company stays afloat. To accomplish that goal, you must be resourceful and a problem-solver. You also have to hire the best team that helps operate the various cogs of the machine. To attract the best team, you can offer employee benefit packages that include a Simplified Employee Pension Plan.

Here are three types of employee benefits you may consider offering.


Companies that fit certain parameters are now mandated by law to provide their employees with health insurance. Depending on your company’s financial situation, you may only be able to afford the minimum as mandated by law. If your company’s finances allow, however, you may consider offering your staff a step up from the minimum. Dental and vision insurance, in addition to medical insurance, are also desired perks.

Savings Accounts

Employees and entrepreneurs are continually advised to save for retirement. During economic downturns, it is difficult for some to save. If an employer offers savings accounts, like health savings, flexible spending and health reimbursement accounts, they are welcome perks. Savings accounts that are aimed at retirement planning are also attractive. If your company is able to match employee contributions toward retirement, this is an employee that will help you attract some of the best talent.

Compensation Add-ons

The types of compensation add-ons a potential employee is searching for will depend on the market, the location and job-type. Worthwhile pay, paid vacation days and meal breaks are standard. If your company’s office is situated in a downtown area where free parking does not exist, an employee may request a paid parking spot as an additional compensation benefit in their package.

Simplified Employee Pension Plan is one employee benefit your company can offer. For more information please visit this website.

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