3 Warning Signs You Need Eye Care from a Lake Worth Specialist

Some people believe eyes are a window to the soul. For healthcare professionals, eyes are often where some diseases are diagnosed. This is especially true if you have diabetes where a diagnosis of diabetic eye disease in Lake Worth is possible.

Typically, there are no symptoms of this disease during the early stages. As the disease develops, watch out for these three symptoms that you should not ignore.

1. Blurred Vision

Blurred or wavy vision is one of the first signs you may notice. Typically, the blurriness you experience may seem subtle and change throughout the day. Reading fine details may become difficult. Your doctor will determine the cause and recommend the best treatment.

2. Floating Spots

If your glucose levels are high, you may see floating spots or strings. This can occur when bleeding occurs inside your eye from the blood vessels leading to your retina. The dark spots or strings that you see are blood floating inside your eye.

3. Blindness

Ignoring symptoms can lead to a severe case of diabetic eye disease where you become blind. Therefore, seek treatment as soon as possible after you notice changes in your vision. Most treatments have a greater chance of being successful with early detection.

Seek Help From an Eye Care Specialist Today!

If you notice disruptions to your vision from these warning signs, Retinal Eye Care Associates can help. They provide a range of treatments for diabetic eye disease in Lake Worth to improve the quality of your vision. Contact them today at https://retinaleyecare.com/ to schedule an appointment.