3 Ways to Keep Your Parent Safe While Living Alone

As your parents get older, you may have to play an active role in their wellbeing. You may need to help with chores, go to doctor visits, or run errands. Accidents also can occur from a fall. If your parent lives alone, then she may have trouble calling for help. Read on to find out three ways to help your parent maintain independence while at home.

Get an In-Home Medical System

If your parent stays alone, then you must prepare for all situations. A mobile medical alert systems Pinellas County, FL, company can help in case of a medical emergency. These systems are more involved now than just pushing a button for an ambulance. You have access to 24/7 voice monitoring in cases of an emergency.

Security for On the Go

Accidents do not only occur at home. The mobile medical alert systems Pinellas County, FL, device can follow your parent when in and outside of your home. MobileAlert uses GPS technology to keep track of the person’s whereabouts. Your parent would have to wear the pendant around her neck. This pendant is waterproof and resistant against impact.

Protection Against Falls

A fall can happen to anyone. When seniors fall, they are more likely to get a fracture. Your parent can wear a fall detector pendant, which can detect when the wearer falls. If your parent falls down, then a message is sent to the Emergency Response Center.

Many seniors can live independently with the right support and resources. Contact or visit the website to find a system for your home.

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