4 Problems You Should Always Have a Professional Electrician in Zionsville Fix

Unlike many other easy repairs you can do yourself in your Zionsville home, electrical issues should almost always be dealt with by a professional. Wiring can be complicated and electricity can be extremely dangerous; in the United States, electrical fires cause 1.1 billion dollars of damage each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. To help keep your home and your loved ones safe, here are 3 times you should always call a professional Electrician in Zionsville.

A Strange Burning Smell

If you smell something burning in your home and you can’t identify the cause, you should call an electrician in Zionsville right away. Many electrical fires start inside the walls and smolder slowly, meaning they’re initially hidden from view. What does an electrical fire smell like? These types of fires have an acrid, chemical odor that closely resembles melting plastic. Many people describe the odor as being “fishy”. If you notice any of these strange odors in your home, get professional help immediately.

Rewiring Projects

Most homeowners should never attempt to tackle rewiring projects on their own. Electrical wiring can be extremely complicated, and one small mistake could put your home at risk for an electrical fire. Instead of trying to go it alone, call a professional Electrician in Zionsville. They can safely complete the project and make sure the wiring is compliant with local electrical codes and regulations.

Sparking Outlets

Outlets that spark continually are a big warning sign that something’s not quite right with your home’s wiring. As outlets age, the connections inside them gradually loosen. Eventually, the outlet will begin to spark or short circuit, making electrical fires more likely. If you have outlets that spark every time you plug something in, call a professional electrician in Zionsville to address the problem.

Dimming Lights

If the lighting in certain areas of your home suddenly goes dim, you could have a big problem. The usual culprit behind this common issue is a broken wire or a loose connection in your service panel. You’ll need to call an electrician to fix the problem right away.

Don’t try to fix any of these common electrical problems on your own. Hiring a qualified electrician is a much more affordable option than paying for the costly damage do-it-yourself fix-its can cause.

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