4 Reasons To Apply Residential Waterproofing To Your Deck

If you own your own home you know how important it is to have everything looking great all year round. Adding a new deck or upgrading an old deck is a great idea to get more outdoor living space, but before you start using it take the time to apply a high-quality residential waterproofing product.

Ideally, avoid the do-it-yourself low-cost options, they will not provide the year after year protection you really need. Instead, choose a product from a company offering products for commercial as well as residential waterproofing. This will ensure you are getting a waterproofing option to stand the test of time and heavy use.

Enhances Natural Wood Beauty

By applying a coat of residential waterproofing, you will add natural beauty to the wood by creating an even surface on the wood. This will prevent the moisture from soaking into the wood, eliminating the changes in the stain color that water can cause.

Protects from UV Fading

While you may not realize it UV is not just harmful to humans, it is even hard on all your wood surfaces. When you choose a top line of residential waterproofing products you will also be applying UV protection to the wood of the deck. This will act to block the UV rays, preventing the stain and wood from fading in the direct sun.

Protects from Water Damage

While you may think it is obvious that residential waterproofing would protect from water damage, it also protects from the growth of bacteria and mold. Untreated wood is going to absorb moisture, creating the perfect environment for these types of organisms to grow and thrive.

Extends the Deck Life

With residential waterproofing, you won’t have to worry about chewing bugs and insects, rotting areas of the wood, or areas of the deck where surface changes may occur.

Without this treatment some areas may start to break down faster than others, causing rough, splintered planks and boards that need constant repair or replacing. Then, once that happens, there is the issue with trying to get the stain right to match colors and weathered look.

The best option to keep your deck looking like new is to treat it with a top residential waterproofing product immediately after installation. Ask your contractor what products are most recommended and go with the product with the best reputation.

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