4 Things the Best Golf Courses Have in Common

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes one golf course better than another? Why are some courses called the best golf courses in the world, and why are others unknown? As it turns out, there are many reasons for this – but here are four of the things that we’ve noticed that the top-rated courses all have in common.

1. The Courses Are in Great Shape

The condition of the course is a big factor in whether it will be playable or not. Courses that have huge budgets have a leg up here, but that doesn’t mean that a small course can’t be pristine. This is a must for any course that wants to be considered part of the best. A country club course like the Copper Hill is always a good place to find well-maintained courses.

2. Designed with Wind in Mind

The next thing is that all the best golf courses were designed to take in the prevailing wind for the golf season. On some courses, the designers even go so far as to create routing through the holes that can be used when the wind is coming from a specific direction that doesn’t work for the standard route.

3. Variety to Keep Things Interesting

The next reason a course is considered among the best is that it offers a challenge. There should be some variety in the holes. Straight holes, doglegs, long holes, short holes, water obstacles, and other obstacles should all be used – but in a way that offers variety rather than an overwhelming collection of obstacles. Don’t use water on every hole, in other words.

4. The Course Tells a Greater Story

Finally, the course should have some continuity about it. Even if every hole has a unique obstacle, and the course can be re-routed if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the course should still be one big picture of art. The holes should all feel like they are part of the same golf course, not like you may have wandered into a new course.

Copper Hill Country Club’s Golf Course

Challenge yourself at our nine-hole course in Hunterdon County. This is a 6,500-square foot course with multiple tees to allow all players the right space to play. If you are looking for a fantastic course, you are welcome to check it out. Contact Copper Hill Country Club to learn more.

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