4 Things You can Learn or Improve on at a Softball Academy in Bridgewater

There are many techniques you can learn from a sporting academy. The Softball Academy In Bridgewater covers all areas of this game, and they offer classes to various age groups and ability levels. Here are four things you can learn or improve upon at this facility.

  1. Hitting

Hitting a softball takes more than just physical strength. At the Softball Academy In Bridgewater, the trainers will cover the mental aspects and the philosophy behind the game. The mechanics of your swing are developed, and this includes achieving proper balance with a strong stance. Participants will get to run drills that develop hand-eye coordination as well as bunting.

  1. Infield Play

Players working the infield can take advantage of this team’s knowledge and expertise. The staff is composed of professionals who teach the art of fielding through repetition. Infielders will get to practice covering the corners and perfecting the turns and throws.

  1. Outfield Play

The outfield session includes jumping and footwork, as well as tips and strategies for throwing across the field. The outfield teammates need to develop different skills than their infield counterparts, but both positions are thoroughly covered at this academy.

  1. Pitching and Catching

Pitchers will get hands-on advice on grip and delivery, and there will be plenty of practice time. The trainers will show catchers how to advance their blocking skills. At the end of the day, everyone will get to play a full game to further their skills in actual play. To learn more details about softball training, contact Zoned Inc at https://www.zonedinc.com.

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