4 Times You Should Definitely Plan to Remodel Your Kitchen in Tucson

Your kitchen is one of the most frequently-used rooms in your Tucson home, and it can be difficult to function if it’s outdated or awkward. If using your kitchen has become a chore, it may be time to remodel your kitchen Tucson. If you’re confused about when a complete overhaul is in order, keep reading to learn when it’s wise to remodel.

You Plan on Selling Your Home

If you plan on selling your home and your kitchen is hopelessly outdated, you may want to consider a remodel. According to real estate agents, an updated kitchen is a top selling point for prospective buyers–and it’s one of the home improvements that will get you the most bang for your buck when reselling. What are buyers looking for in a kitchen? Granite or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, ample cabinet storage and a spacious layout all top the list.

The Layout is All Wrong

Kitchens should be all about practicality and maneuverability. Ideally, foot traffic should flow smoothly and you should be able to move around easily as you cook. In reality, this often isn’t the case. If an awkward layout is making using your kitchen a nightmare, remodeling can restore functionality to your space. Sit down with a professional contractor and work out a floor-plan that will assist your everyday routine instead of hindering it.

Your Family is Growing

If you’re planning on a family and your kitchen space is designed for two, it’s time to start planning to Remodel your kitchen Tucson. Once children have entered the picture, most families need larger prep areas, increased cabinet space, and extended seating. You may also want to tweak flooring, countertops and appliances so they’re safe for small children.

Your Kitchen Looks Like It’s From Another Time Period

Nothing lasts forever, and the same is true for your kitchen. If your appliances are failing, your counters are marred and your cabinets are falling apart, it’s time for a major overhaul. Typically, most appliances only last around 12-15 years, and lower-quality flooring or countertop material has a similar lifespan. Cabinets can last much longer, but they may be too outdated to tolerate. A remodel can address these issues and restore your kitchen.

When a simple coat of paint isn’t enough to revive your kitchen, it may be time to remodel. To start planning, talk to the experts at davis kitchens in Tucson.

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