4 Tips on Choosing Water Heaters

Homeowners may find it really confusing when buying a new water heater for their homes. With so many models, technologies and types, the consumer often gets puzzled about the right choice for their home. When you select water heaters for your home, there are a number of points to consider before you make your purchase. You should be looking for a piece of equipment that offers sufficient quantities of hot water, is energy efficient and economical.

Types of water heaters for domestic use:

1. Storage water heaters that consist of a reservoir for storing hot water.

2. Instant water heaters that supply hot water on demand with no need for the conventional storage tank.

3. Solar water heaters that employ solar energy to heat up water.

4. Indirect or tankless coil water heaters that heat water using the space heating system that is used to heat the home.

5. Heat pump water heaters do not generate heat directly but distribute heat from one place to another to supply hot water.

As a home owner you have to select that model and type of water heaters that are most appropriate to you, being both economical and practical. The factors that have to be considered when purchasing water heaters are:

1. Type of fuel, availability and costing: the energy type you choose will affect the yearly operational costs of the appliance. Common fuels used to power water heaters are electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, geothermal energy and solar energy.

2. Sizing of the appliance: depending on the quantity of hot water your family is expected to consume, you have to choose the properly sized appliance in your home.

3. Energy efficiency: before you buy an appliance you have to ensure that it provides maximum energy efficiency and saves you money.

4. Operating costs: calculate the estimated annual operating costs and make a comparison with other water heaters before you choose your model.

Prior to purchasing a new water heater, you should think of several factors, if you are switching the fuel type, capacity or some other feature, consult your plumbing contractors. The professionals would be best equipped to guide you. Switching to a new fuel type would definitely require professional help during installation. If you stick to the same fuel type and other major features, you may be able to install the appliance yourself. For added safety, it’s always advised your appliance is installed by professionals when you mount new water heaters. Alexandria, VA residents can find skilled plumbers who install, repair and replace appliances.


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Water Heaters

Water Heaters

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