4 Ways to Get Fun and Crafty with Fake Snow

Pretty soon it’ll be that magical time of the year again. However, you don’t have to wait until the holidays for your fix of winter wonderland joy. With so many companies like SnoWonder offering you plenty of choices when it comes to instant fake snow, you won’t have to go without it for long. And the best part about it? It’s not just for kids! Don’t know where to start? Here are 4 ideas from Kidsplaybox for some craft-time fun with fake snow:

  1. Decorative touch. Even if December is still a recent memory, it doesn’t hurt to prepare next winter’s decor. If you want to be as creative as possible then starting early is great. Plus, it gives you more time to appreciate the wide array of lovely craft goodies available. So if you want to give that little porcelain Santa an authentic touch of winter magic, pour a little snow around it for extra pizazz. Have a collection of Christmas decorations? Even better! Put a touch of winter flair on each and every piece of your entire collection. By the time you’re through, they’ll be absolutely perfect and ready for the holidays.

  2. Snow Globes. Love snow globes? Create homemade snow globes you can keep for yourself or give away to friends and family. Creating them is easy, so long as you’ve got your own supply of fake snow to fill up the globes with enough charming flurries.

  3. Mini Winter Wonderland. Can’t wait until the holidays to make your very own mini winter wonderland? Then why should you? Grab some fake snow and create the most incredible wonderland scenes you can think of. Don’t be afraid to explore. Let your imagination run wild. For a bigger challenge, you could even set about recreating famous places around the world.

  4. Harry Potter World. One other thing you can create with your fake snow is a replica of the famous Hogwarts in all its snowy glory. Use some fake snow for that irresistible touch of magic and fun. If you’ve got fundraising projects coming up, this is a great item to sell off. With so many Potterheads, you won’t have to wait long for customers.

By using fake snow in a number of creative ways, you can enjoy hours of merry-making. Hopefully, these help inspire you to create your own brand of creative fun with instant fake snow and your handy craft tools.

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