5 Signs That Say You Need New Windows

It’s not always easy to stay on top of home maintenance tasks. But if you encounter the following signs, then it’s about time you went ahead and shopped for window replacement in Santa Rosa. Read on to see what’s on the list:

Signs of damage

If your windows are already damaged, warped or broken, then those are good enough reasons to get a replacement. While it’s true that some types of damage can still be repaired, these could still lead to a lot of possible problems in the long run. The best way to avoid all that stress and hassle is simply to look for new ones.

No longer operable

If your windows refuse to open or close, that’s another reason to throw in the towel and look for pros to install new ones for you. If your windows aren’t fully functional anymore, that could be why you suffer from…

High energy bills

Warped, damaged or broken windows are common sources of air leaks, says Forbes. Those air leaks could be why your home doesn’t seem to get cool or warm enough. By tossing your old windows and getting yourself a window replacement in Santa Rosa, you can eliminate those air leaks with ease.

Outdated features

These days, there’s a bevy of window types, sizes, designs and styles out there. That’s why it’s not enough to get the same type of window if yours are broken or damaged. Go for an upgrade instead. With plenty of options out there, finding one that’s going to be picture perfect for your home in every way should be easy.

Security hazard

Broken windows could also attract the interest of criminal elements. If you want to keep your home and loved ones safe from these types of attention, have your old and damaged windows replaced as soon as possible.

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