5 Tips for Finding the Right Contractor to Handle Your Air Conditioning Installation

Getting a new air conditioning unit? Don’t let just anyone into your home. Here are a few tips from ComfortOrg to make sure you find a reliable contractor to handle the air conditioning installation for you:

1. Not all contractors are cut from the same cloth. That means you’ll basically have good ones and bad out there. It’s your job to sift through the lot until you find an exceptional one.

2. Don’t go for just about anyone. Invest the time in looking for an ethical contractor. If you see your contractor eyeing your electronics with a bright, lustful gleam, and you get that sense in your gut that this isn’t a good idea, trust your instincts and hire someone else. You really wouldn’t want to find out that your electronics have been cleaned out while you were upstairs, believing the contractor was doing his best to get the installation done.

3. Experience counts. So ask the contractor about his experience. Is he registered or licensed to work? Does he have a site or business of his own? What’s his policy on 24 hour emergency services—does he provide them? Does he allow for refunds? While you aren’t likely to hire him any time soon for repairs—you’re getting him to handle the air conditioning installation of a new unit, after all—if he’s as good as his experience and references say, you’ll want to keep his information with you. That way, if you ever need him in the future, it’ll be easy to get in touch.

4. Don’t get taken in by the brand. Hiring contractors from popular national brands aren’t always a sure sign that you’ll get someone competent. So keep an eye out while they do the installation. Don’t leave the contractor alone and come back only when the work is done. You’ll get a better gauge on what kind of experience your contractor has—along with his level of competence—when you watch him in action.

5. Pay attention to the signs. Be vigilant with anything that indicates your contractor is dishonest or untrustworthy. For instance, if your contractor insists on checking everything first to see the extent of the problem, then that’s a good sign. A bad contractor will just be interested in getting you to pay more for the installation.

These are just 5 handy but important tips to help you find the ideal contractor to take care of your air conditioning installation for you. So don’t rush through it. Keep looking until you find the best one.

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