5 Tips to Help You Pick a Moving Firm for Your Home Relocation

Changing addresses can be hard. The process can be complicated and stressful. Fortunately, a bit of planning and organization can help you overcome whatever moving day may come your way. Here are a few tips to help you pick the best choice out of the many moving companies in your area.

Look for a license

Ask the moving company for proof of its license. If you’re hiring one for a short-distance move, then the company won’t have a USDOT number. But if you’re hiring for a long-distance move, then you’ll need to ask the firm to provide you with their USDOT number.

Know what’s covered

Don’t try to assume that all the moving assistance you need will be covered in the standard rate. Be clear about the services you can expect for the rate. Knowing those services lets you know if you need to set aside a bit of extra for your moving day costs, just in case the services you request for won’t be covered.

Ask about extra fees

There are also conditions that could raise the total of your bill, The Spruce says. Moving companies often charge more when you book their services on the weekend as well as on the first and last week of the month. If you can be a bit flexible with your dates, then pick one midmonth and mid-week. That’s going to help you save on costs.

Consider access

If the movers need to hand-carry any items for a good bit of distance or if they need to use stairs or elevators, that’s also going to mean extra costs. Consider these things before you book the services of a moving firm.

Packing assistance

Enjoy the convenience of having pros pack up your belongings for you. That way, you can count on the company to provide coverage for any items that may sustain damages due to packing mistakes.

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