7 Tips to Baking Success Rookie Bakers Want to Know

Have fun when you start learning how to bake. Read through the list of baking tips every rookie baker wants to know.

Invest in silicone mats

Don’t want to deal with sticking problems? Stop using parchment paper and invest in A-grade baking tools like silicone baking mats from N.Y. Cake. You won’t have to try and pry bits of parchment paper off your cookies again with this move.

Use the cold cookie dough

Cold cookie dough is the secret to getting those cookies. Just because you need to use butter at room temperature doesn’t mean that idea works for all the ingredients you’ll use. Read up, so you know what temperature works best for those ingredients.

Don’t overmix

Keep your mixers on low, Buzzfeed says. Don’t overmix your cookie dough. That’s going to make a difference in the way your cookies come out. Also, stop the mixing when you need to put in the candy or chocolate chips.

Get a digital scale

Measuring cups may not be as accurate as you want. Stop the guesswork and get yourself a digital scale instead. That should eliminate any room for error.

Soft butter isn’t melted butter

Soft butter means the butter is still solid but soft enough to break apart. If the butter is melted, that’s going to mess up your baking results. If you have hard butter, you can microwave it for a few seconds—about 15 should do it—and you’ll be good to go.

Follow the recipe

Follow the recipe to the letter. Don’t substitute ingredients. Don’t skip any steps, thinking it won’t matter. It will. Baking is a science. Failure to follow through with every step will mean poor results.

Get new tools

Replace old, worn-out tools. Shop for new baking tools. That’s going to help your baked goods taste better and make your baking life a lot easier.

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