A Bankruptcy Attorney in Wellington FL Can Help You Determine Which Chapter to File

During these hard economic times it’s easy to find yourself in debt and feeling like you are unable to pay off the debt that you have incurred. Being in debt can affect all aspects of your life causing you to be depressed and frustrated not to mention how it could affect the relationships you have. If you have tried other avenues of getting out of debt and feel like there is no other option than perhaps filing a bankruptcy claim could be the answer and a Bankruptcy Attorney in Wellington FL can assist you in this process.

There are different types of bankruptcy claims and it can be overwhelming to figure out which one would suit you best. Deciding what type of debt you have will ultimately decide what type you should file. For example, if you have unsecured debts which include credit cards and bills that are medical in nature, than a chapter 7 would be the type that you would need to file. However, if you have secured debts which are debts that have collateral owed, like a house or a vehicle, than you may need to file a chapter 13. In some instances, you may have both types of debts and this is when a Bankruptcy Attorney in Wellington FL could help you in making the best decision possible.

Bankruptcy, while a hard decision to make, can help you get out of the financial trouble you have found yourself in. One perk of filing for bankruptcy is that you will no longer receive those annoying letters and phone calls from collectors. Also, it could free up some of your income that would otherwise be used to pay off past debts. Another benefit is the ability to rebuild your credit over time and could possibly leave you with a better credit score down the road.

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