A Battery Defense Lawyer Is Someone Who Is Good to Have on Your Side

While assault and battery are regularly used together, they are distinct crimes. These crimes are referenced in California in Chapter 9 of the state’s Penal Code. In this code, assault is described as an unlawful attempt to cause a person a bad injury or an attempt to commit battery.

A Brief Look at the Penal Code

On the other hand, a battery defense lawyer is consulted when violence or force was allegedly used. The Penal Code includes sections in which battery is used against specific people. These people may include police officers, school employees, emergency response workers, and firefighters. The Code also sets separate laws for cases where domestic violence occurred.


The penalties for simple assault and battery vary depending on the severity of the crime, which is even more reason to obtain assistance from a battery defense lawyer. For example, simple assault can be punished as a misdemeanor and carry a sentence of six months in jail or a sentence of a hefty fine and probation.

In the case of battery, the defendant may serve as much as six months in jail or pay a fine of up to $2,000 for a misdemeanor. If the defendant is charged with a felony, he or she can spend as much as three years in jail or in a California prison.

If you are charged with any serious crime, you need to speak to a lawyer who knows how to navigate the judicial system. By speaking to a battery defense lawyer, you can avoid making mistakes that could hurt your case. These errors include making a statement to the police. Before making any statement, you need to contact an attorney instead.

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