A Criminal Lawyer In Weatherford TX Can Protect Your Rights

The people who work in law enforcement are just like the rest of us. While they go to work wanting to do well and make the world a better place each day, they are vulnerable to making mistakes and getting caught up in the need to find someone to blame. Regardless of whether you have committed a crime or not, you should never try to deal with them without a Criminal Lawyer Weatherford TX at your side to protect your rights throughout the process.

We are actually always entitled to the advice and guidance of criminal lawyer in Weatherford TX when we are in police custody, because courts recognize that it is almost impossible for the average person to fully understand the justice system. An individual who has not had much opportunity to deal with the police is likely to assume that being as cooperative as possible is the best strategy. This is particularly true since many of us were taught from early childhood that we could always go to a police officer if we were lost or needed help. In reality, though, there are times when it is better to refuse to talk and cooperate. Which category your particular situation falls into is something for a licensed attorney to determine.

A Criminal Lawyer Weatherford TX can also negotiate with the authorities on your behalf from the position of a person who understands what is really at stake. Where you might be told you are potentially facing 10 to 15 years in prison for a charge if you don’t plead it down, your lawyer is likely to have a much more accurate idea of what kind of penalties might realistically be imposed. Sentencing depends heavily on the detailed nature of the crime and the record of the defendant, so a relatively small group of people is realistically vulnerable to serving the maximum amount of time.

Lawyers like Bob Glasgow, who work in criminal law, spend every day of their careers looking at cases and making decisions about how to proceed. Some of their clients are guilty, while others are innocent, but all of them receive the vigorous defense that they deserve.


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