A Drunk Driving Lawyer in Kankakee Can Prevent the Following Mistakes

If a person is charged with drunk driving, they should click here for more info on which mistakes are most commonly made. The errors on the list below are all serious enough to make the difference between an acquittal and a conviction in a DUI case.

Pleading Guilty Because of a High BAC Reading

Many defendants mistakenly believe that they should plead guilty only because their blood or breath tests revealed an over-the-limit BAC. On the surface it makes a lot of sense, because DUI is typically a cut-and-dried situation. However, the case’s facts and testing methodology can affect the outcome. Test results are inadmissible in some cases, and they can’t be used against the defendant. There are multiple ways for a test to be ruled inadmissible, and a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Kankakee can exploit weaknesses in testing to achieve a favorable outcome for a defendant.

Assuming All Lawyers are the Same

Many defendants, especially those on their first offense, make the mistake of assuming all DUI attorneys are the same. This couldn’t be more untrue. Attorneys vary widely in terms of skill and experience, and DUIs are just as complex as other case types. For the greatest chance of success, a defendant should choose an attorney who regularly handles DUI cases.

Waiting to Hire a Lawyer

Some people believe that they can wait to hire an attorney just because a trial is delayed. However, they should hire a lawyer as soon as they find a good candidate. Trial success occurs because of good preparation on the lawyer’s part, and one can cripple their defense by waiting to find representation. By hiring a lawyer at the beginning, the client gives the attorney enough time to build a solid defense.

Trying to Talk One’s Way Out of Trouble

One of the biggest mistakes on this list is for a defendant to go into the process believing they can talk their way out of trouble. Those accused of DUI shouldn’t talk to prosecutors or police without first hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Kankakee. These off-the-record talks can severely damage one’s case, because anything the defendant says may be used against them in court. Clients should not discuss case facts with anyone but the attorney they’ve chosen.

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