A Landscape Architect in Westport, Connecticut: Landscaping Tips for the End of Summer

Autumn and spring are seasons full of landscaping tasks, but there are many activities you can do to spruce up your garden at the end of summer. Such activities will not only keep you busy but will also ensure that you maintain the natural beauty of a green environment and enhance air circulation in your yard. Some of the tips that a landscape architect in Westport, Connecticut will ask you to implement at the end of summer include:

Water your plants
Watering your garden and lawn can be problematic especially when you don’t have a sprinkler system. In such a case use containers or rain barrels to water the grass and flowers weekly when there is less rain. A little amount of water supplied to the plants regularly is all that your yard plants need to push through the hot days of summer.

Start Light Pruning
Pruning is mostly done in mid-winter and early spring, but light pruning can also be done during the summer. Trimming roses encourages growth of additional blooms and enhances growth of trees and shrubs in the start of autumn.

Ensure your pruning tools are properly sharpened and clean to avoid harming vulnerable plants. Always clean your pruning tools thoroughly after dealing with plants that were infected with diseases to avoid spreading the disease viruses to other plants. You can learn more on safe plant health care at visit us website.

Prune deadheads and harvest your garden
Prune deadheads of your flowers to enhance growth and maintain a neat green environment that is appealing. Some flowers heads can provide fresh and fragrant blooms for the interior decoration of your home and help the roots to direct energy and nutrients towards plant growth.

If you have a garden with vegetables, this may be the time to set aside a small room where you can store your harvest: squash, pumpkins, cabbages, corns and potatoes among others. It is wise that you can these vegetables for the winter to provide you with adequate food stock thus save some cash that would have been given out at the grocery.

If you have a spacious yard and don’t know how to make it more appealing during the summer season, consult a competent landscape architect in Westport, Connecticut. For more information on landscaping services, visit us website.

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