A Medical Negligence Law Attorney in Centerville, OH Does Not Represent Clients in Frivolous Lawsuits

Personal injury cases sometimes get a bad rap due to misconceptions about their nature. Perhaps the best-known instance is the fast food restaurant hot coffee case that many people still view as frivolous, not understanding that the elderly victim actually suffered third-degree burns. People may worry about hiring a Medical Negligence Law Attorney in Centerville OH, for this reason, fearing that anyone who finds out about it will be critical. In reality, however, lawyers are highly unlikely to accept frivolous cases.


A Medical Negligence Law Attorney in Centerville OH knows the statistics about the harm that occurs in hospitals and other medical facilities. Nearly 100,000 patients die every year in the United States due to medical errors, making this the third-leading cause of mortality in the nation. Many more patients are injured due to medical errors.


Not all of these cases constitute negligence since errors can be made even when practitioners precisely follow strict protocols. Lawyers were asked to represent injured patients need to learn whether the situation did involve any sort of carelessness at the facility before legal proceedings will take place.

The Need for Compensation

Patients who have been harmed in a medical setting cannot be viewed as greedy when they choose to file a lawsuit against a practitioner or the facility. They may need financial compensation to make up for lost income as they recover from a medical error due to negligence.

Sometimes that error means the person needs additional surgery or more intensive treatment than would have been the case if proper protocols were adhered to. Long-term and even permanent negative effects may be a result of the incident. All of this causes emotional trauma in addition to the physical harm. The episodes are truly life-changing in a deleterious way.

Another Purpose

Obtaining a settlement or court award for medical negligence has another purpose as well: to send a message to health care providers that carelessness is unacceptable. Cases can receive media publicity, which should put all medical facilities and practitioners on stronger alert against these kinds of harmful episodes. Anyone who is dealing with a situation involving injury at a health care facility may contact us today at Business Name.

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