A Plating Company Protects Metal With Metal

When making a significant purchase such as a new car, you can be sure that a special barrier layer has been applied to the metal of your vehicle to protect it from corrosion, abrasions and signs of wear. The process of coating metal with protective metal is called electroplating or simply, plating.

Making Metal Corrosion Resistant is a Top Priority
The automotive industry is one of the main industries served by companies that specialize in protective metal finishes. Every vehicle is exposed to some form of moisture on a regular basis. Also, harsh elements, salted roadways and other factors can speed up the corrosion process. Corrosion on a car (or on any metal surface) can shorten its lifespan considerably.

Electroplating the metal is one of the most effective ways to prevent corrosion damage. During the electroplating process, a coating of one metal is deposited on another metal, offering it resistance properties it does not already have. Also to plating to improve aesthetics, the process of plating is primarily to improve the resistance that the product has to corrosion, abrasion, scratches and cuts.

RUST — the Word Most Manufacturers Fear
Rust can have a disastrous effect on metal. Manufacturers of metal parts or products rely on a plating company to ensure that their product is coated with another metal that will be more resistant to the damage caused by corrosion.

For example, zinc alkaline, zinc alloy, iron, nickel, gold, silver and copper are all used to coat various metal parts and products. This will increase the life of the original metal, allowing it to perform efficiently and last longer.

Metal finishes can be considered sacrificial coatings, meaning that rust will attempt to attack the top barrier layer of metal first, which in turn, will be protecting the original metal that lies beneath its surface.

Benefits of Electroplating:
 * Forms a barrier on the product which adds a layer of protection
 * Helps the product resist abrasion
 * Enhances the product’s ability to resist corrosion
 * Visually enhances the look of the product itself
 * Delays the signs of wear
 * improves the conductivity of an object

So many industries rely on the metal finishing services that a plating company provides. These professionals are crucial to the manufacturing process.

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