A Quick Look at the Process Associated with a Drug Charge in Austin

It can seem like a challenge to find a quality drug lawyer in Austin on short notice. One of the best things a person can do is ask a loved one to start the search. They can use the State Bar’s online directory to see who is working in the immediate area. From there, the loved one will be able to contact several drug lawyers in Austin with the goal of finding someone who is qualified and who will be able to help their family member who is dealing with the drug charge.

Immediately after the arrest, the individual will be taken to the precinct for processing. This includes providing information about the individual’s identity and giving them their belongings. If the individual is carrying contraband, like drugs or a firearm, these things will likely be used as evidence to support the charge. It is common for this processing period to take about six hours. It includes fingerprinting and photographing the individual.

There are several things that will affect the drug charges. Each state has its own laws. Some of the things that can affect the charge include the number of drugs, if there was an intent to distribute or sell the drugs, and the type of drugs that the individual was in possession of. The location is also important. For example, the charges may be greater if the individual was in possession of drugs near a school.

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