A Social Security Attorney in Tacoma Can Help to Build Your Heart Failure Disability Case

Heart problems affect every aspect of your life and, when the heart has to pump harder to move blood through the body, this is often referred to as heart failure. Heart failure occurs when the body isn’t receiving enough nutrients and oxygen due to increased pressure in the heart as it tries to move the blood. This can lead to the chambers of the heart becoming thick and stiff or stretching to hold more blood. If you are suffering from heart failure, you may wish to see a social security attorney in Tacoma to see if you qualify for benefits.


There are two types of heart failure: diastolic and systolic. Diastolic heart failure occurs most frequently in those who have hypertension or diabetes. This occurs when the heart muscles become stiff and don’t fill up with blood properly, leading to the entire heart weakening. Systolic heart failure typically occurs when one has a heart attack or a myocardial infarction or in those suffering from coronary artery disease. This failure tends to affect the valves of the heart and may be the result of a viral or congenital issue.

Doctors use a variety of tests to determine the type of heart failure you have. Blood tests look at cholesterol and iron levels, thyroid and kidney function and B-type Natriuretic Peptide levels. If the peptide levels are high, this can indicate heart failure. Chest x-rays aren’t uncommon and the doctor will likely do an echocardiogram and an ejection fraction in those who are suspected of having systolic heart failure. A variety of treatment options are offered, including lifestyle changes and medication.

When evaluating a claim, the Social Security Administration focuses on the level of impairment of the person suffering from heart failure. They review the tests taken and look for specific medical documentation to back up a claim. Many turn to a Social Security attorney in Tacoma to help them gather the appropriate documentation to support their claim in an effort to avoid delays or a denial of the claim. If you suffer from heart failure and believe you may qualify for disability payments, contact Todd R. Renda Attorney At Law for help in building your case. Doing so help to prevent delays or a denial of the claim while expediting the entire process.

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