A Wills Attorney in Topeka, KS Can Help You Organize and Prepare a Will

In order to create a will or an estate plan, you must talk to an attorney to learn how to proceed. Contacting an attorney is the easiest way to manage the process, whether you are just starting or you want to update a previous will. An attorney can guide you through each step while offering practical legal advice.

Establishing a Plan

Contacting a wills attorney in Topeka, KS is a good move to make. Once you arrange for a consultation, you can develop your plan – a plan that includes a will as well as a health care directive and financial power of attorney.

The Basis for Estate Planning

If you meet with a wills attorney for the first time, they will interview you in order to complete the appropriate documents. However, the basis for any estate plan is the will itself. This document, which is officially recognized as a last will and testament, gives you control over who inherits your assets and property. It also allows you to make provisions for the care of your children, if required.

Allows You to Name a Personal Representative

If you do not contact a wills attorney, the state can decide any of the above matters for you upon your death. A will also enables you to name a personal representative or executor for your estate. In addition, you can appoint someone to manage any property distributed to younger beneficiaries.

Estate planning also involves a health care directive. This type of document allows you to spell out what medical decisions should be made for you, if necessary. Or, you can opt for a health care power of attorney.

The named agent can then make important medical decisions for you, if needed. If you draw up a living will, you can state what types of medical treatment you do not want (or want) if you are too injured or ill to provide instruction. In turn, health care providers, by law, are obligated to follow the directives of the living will. For further details, contact us today to prepare an estate plan of your own.

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