A Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Jonesboro, GA is Essential if You Have Been Injured at Work

You are entitled to workman’s compensation insurance payments if you have been injured on the job. Generally, the weekly payments are not hard to collect, but if it appears the injury will cause you to miss a lot of work the insurance company and the employer may balk. The matter becomes even more difficult if it appears that the injured may not ever return to work.

Consulting the Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Jonesboro, GA before before ever filing for compensation is a good plan because he can help you prepare an irrefutable application. He will also become familiar with the cases which could help later. This is important in Georgia because a new law states injured workers are limited to 400 weeks of compensation. However, there is an exception for injuries deemed to be catastrophic. The advice of a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Jonesboro, GA from the beginning will be needed to establish that an injury is catastrophic. Extensive medical documentation is the key to the attorney successfully pursuing long term workers compensation benefits.

An attorney experienced in workers compensation claims will help you document your case properly. Good documentation is the key to getting all of the benefits you are entitled to.

The workers compensation attorney can make sure that the best case is presented for the longest benefits the injured worker requires. The attorney who is an advocate for the injured worker is the attorney that the injured needs, and he can be invaluable if the claim is challenged by the employer. The attorney who has been your counsel from the beginning has a far better chance of getting your claim approved. He can also handle successfully any necessary appeal.

Many injured people are reluctant to retain an attorney. Sometimes they have been told by their employer if they hire an attorney they will not receive any benefits at all. Occasionally, family members frown on hiring an attorney. All of this is senseless. You cannot be denied benefits because you hired an attorney. You will get greater benefits instead. Forget the advice of family and friends and think about yourself. It is a certainty that your family and friends will not pay your medical bills or lost wages. The Monk Law Firm has the experience to ensure that you do.

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