About Botox Injections by an Omaha, NE Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

When someone decides to get injections of Botox in Omaha, NE, looking for a provider is the next step if the person doesn’t know of one. It might be surprising to discover that not only dermatologists and plastic surgeons can provide this service. In addition to licensed medical doctors, certified aesthetic nurse practitioners can legally administer Botox injections in Nebraska.

Treatment Effects

Injections of Botox in Omaha, NE reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The medicine also prevents new ones from forming. The treatments allow men and women to look significantly younger and feel more attractive. It can be applied all around the face and neck. The effects generally last three to four months, depending on each individual. Effects tend to last longer after the second treatment.

Common Applications

The most common injection site is the forehead for horizontal wrinkles along with vertical lines between the eyebrows. Many patients ask for treatment for crow’s feet at the outer edges of the eyes. Above the lip is another popular skin site for Botox.

About Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioner profession began in the 1960s and has increased dramatically over the decades. These advanced practice nurses are qualified to do many duties that previously only doctors could perform. They fill a vital need in many areas where there are not enough medical or osteopathic doctors. This is the case in essential healthcare as well as for elective treatments like Botox injections.

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