AC Repair – Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

When you realize that a puddle of water is accumulating near your air conditioner, you will need to find AC repair in Cape Coral FL. There are multiple reasons why your AC system could need AC repair because of a leak. Ranging from easy-to-fix problems to full replacements, it is vital to get any leakages examined before they escalate into more costly problems. If your device was not installed by a professional, there is a high risk that you could be spending more money than necessary to keep it functioning. Learn why AC repair is required because of a leak and how to identify the malfunction with yours.

AC Repair In Cape Coral FL– Blocked Drain Hole

One reason why you require AC repair could be because your drain hole is blocked. Water will be transported away from the device via a drain hole that is positioned just near the base and when this becomes blocked, AC repair will be needed so that any obstructions can be cleared. To distinguish if this is the problem, power the air conditioner for at least 30 minutes and examine the drain area. If no water is filtering through, it is likely that debris build-up is preventing water from being carried away. As the amount of water increases, you should contact AC repair so that dust and blockages can be banished.

AC Repair In Cape Coral FL– Air Leaks

A common reason for AC repair will be because of air leaks. A system should be completely sealed so that no air can enter or escape from the system, but over time, it is possible that leakages can occur. AC repair will focus on locating the area of the leak and sealing it up. Air leaks will result in large amounts of condensation, which when not targeted, will cause big puddles to form. This happens when the cool air and warm air collides and develops water droplets. With a flashlight, you can investigate to see if you need AC repair by seeing if the front edge of the base has an area where air can escape.

AC Repair Cape Coral FL – Cold Outside Climates

When the air outside drops drastically during the night it is possible that the coils will start forming ice. This will not only prevent the system from working, but it will also cause leakages when the climate increases during the day. To avoid getting AC repair, it is advisable to use a ‘fan only’ setting, so that air is circulated effectively but cooling does not take place and cause leaks.

If you have investigated and cannot find a cause for the leaks, ask a plumber to provide AC repair. Visit to speak with experts about system repair, tune-ups and replacements.

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